Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Review: An Iterative Offering in the World of Gaming Keyboards

Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

The Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro marks a significant departure from its predecessor, the original DeathStalker gaming keyboard. This review delves deep into the revamped V2 Pro, shedding light on its extensive features and evaluating whether its price tag is justified.

Design and Build Quality:

The DeathStalker V2 Pro boasts a sleek and modern design, a noticeable departure from some of Razer’s more extravagant gaming keyboard designs. It’s a full-size, low-profile keyboard that’s about two-thirds the height of traditional keyboards. The build quality is impressive, featuring an aluminum top plate and a sturdy plastic body that doesn’t exhibit any noticeable flex. At 1.6 pounds, it feels deceptively heavy for its slim profile. However, one notable omission is the lack of a wrist rest, which could impact long-term comfort during extended gaming or typing sessions.

Switches and Typing Experience:

Razer has equipped the DeathStalker V2 Pro with low-profile optical switches, available in linear red and clicky purple variants. These switches offer a faster response time and consistent keypresses, thanks to their optical mechanism. While some gamers may appreciate the snappy and responsive keystrokes, the reviewer noted concerns about the switches’ sound. The stabilizers, used with larger keys like Enter, Shift, and the spacebar, exhibit a distinct rattle when pressed. This issue might be mitigated with modifications, but it’s a downside to consider.


  • Thin profile with comfy keys
  • Nice volume wheel
  • Many connection options


  • No wrist rest
  • Default mute button is tricky

Keycaps and Durability:

The keycaps on the DeathStalker V2 Pro are made of ABS plastic and are treated to resist visible oil accumulation. Impressively, even after hours of use, they maintain their pristine appearance. While some users may prefer the textured feel of PBT keycaps, the durability and resistance to smudging offered by these ABS keycaps are commendable.

Additional Features :

This keyboard features a volume roller and a single media button, both made of aluminum, which provide a satisfying tactile feel when used. They are fun to fiddle with, though their placement might not be ideal for in-game use. Razer’s Synapse software allows users to customize these controls.

Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard:

Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

  • Low-Profile Optical Switches – Linear Red – HyperSpeed Wireless & Bluetooth 5.0 – Up to 200 Hrs – Ultra-Durable Coated Keycaps – Chroma RGB

DeathStalker V2 Pro
Item model number
Hardware Platform
Operating System
‎Microsoft Windows
Item Weight
‎2.27 pounds
Product Dimensions
‎17.22 x 5.52 x 1.1 inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH
‎17.22 x 5.52 x 1.1 inches
Classic Black
1 Lithium Polymer batteries required

Wireless Connectivity and Battery Life :

One standout feature of the DeathStalker V2 Pro is its wireless connectivity. It can connect via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless and switch between up to three Bluetooth devices. While the wireless experience matches wired in terms of latency, advanced RGB lighting customization is limited over Bluetooth. However, the keyboard’s battery life is impressive, lasting over two days with typical use and recharging in just over an hour via USB-C.

Comparison with Competitors :

Comparisons with competitors, such as Logitech’s G915 series and other low-profile gaming keyboards from Corsair and Fnatic, are inevitable. While the DeathStalker V2 Pro offers unique features like Razer’s optical switches and wireless connectivity, the competition provides alternatives with different strengths, such as dedicated macro keys, lower prices, or distinct switch options.  There’s a notable lack of one, despite some very comfy Razer wrist rests included in keyboards like the Huntsman and Blackwidow (the latter of which is cheaper than the Deathstalker).

Overall Impressions :

After extensive testing, the reviewer concludes that the DeathStalker V2 Pro is not without its merits. It offers a clean design, durable keycaps, and impressive wireless capabilities. However, the absence of a wrist rest, sound issues with the stabilizers, and a somewhat repetitive feature set leave room for improvement. The $249.99 price tag might deter potential buyers who can find more affordable options with comparable or even superior features.

  • LOW-PROFILE LINEAR OPTICAL SWITCHES — Perform quicker keystrokes with all-new switches that have a shorter actuation height for reduced key travel, backed by a 70-million keystroke lifespan for long-lasting performance
  • TOP-CLASS CONNECTIVITY — Experience lag-free gaming and instant response with Razer HyperSpeed Wireless (2.4GHz) connection or unlock greater functionality with Bluetooth 5.0 and toggle between 3 devices
  • ULTRA-LONG UP TO 200-HOUR BATTERY LIFE — Power through an entire day of gaming without breaking a sweat, also includes a detachable Type-C cable for continued use while charging
  • ULTRA-SLIM CASING WITH DURABLE ALUMINUM TOP PLATE — The keyboard’s slim profile ensures neutral hand positioning for long hours of use with little strain, while its aluminum alloy top plate provides greater durability with a satisfying heft
  • LASER-ETCHED KEYCAPS WITH HYPERGUARD COATING — Greater protection against wear and tear compared to regular keycaps
  • MULTI-FUNCTION ROLLER AND MEDIA BUTTON — Configure them to pause, play, skip and tweak everything from brightness to volume

Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Conclusion :

In summary, the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro represents a notable shift from its predecessor and brings a range of intriguing features to the gaming keyboard market. However, its high price and the presence of competitive alternatives raise questions about its overall value. While it’s not a subpar peripheral by any means, Razer may need to inject more innovation into its offerings to justify the premium price point. Gamers seeking a low-profile gaming keyboard should carefully consider their priorities and explore other options in the market before committing to the DeathStalker V2 Pro.